Virtual reality

We offer VR applications for schools, institutions, and museums, as well as provide the latest 360 3D video, modeling, and VR solutions for institutions and businesses. Our partners are government bodies, non-profit institutions, and individuals looking to better the world through VR.

Immersive experiences

Specterras creates 3D and VR immersive experiences of the natural and cultural world using Pterovision, a 3D technology that integrates computational photography, 360 Video, and gaming. This technology truly transports the user into an environment that isn’t just immersive, but explorable.

OCULUS VR for good

Specterras Productions VR experiences – Pompeii and Horseshoe Bend – were recently featured by Oculus in a program that allows those with limited mobility to share some laughs, try VR, and talk about their experiences with the group.
Learn more about the program.

Extended Reality in Practice: Virtual Reality Explored

Specterras Productions VR Oculus Rift experience – Patagonia – was recently featured in Extended Reality In Practice: 100+ Amazing Ways Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Are Changing Business And Society by Bernard Marr.

Marr had this to say “Virtual travel can also help visitors experience destinations that are remote, difficult to get to, or need to be preserved without humans trampling around all over the place. The Patagonia VR experience on Oculus Rift is one example of a particularly rich virtual travel experience. Exploring the mountain landmark of Monte Fitzroy, and specifically Laguna Sucia, the remote glacial lake that lies at the foot of the mountain, this VR experience gives users access to a stunning glacial lake that’s hard to reach in real life.”


Pterovision is the artistic hybrid of 360 3D Video, photo mapping, computational photography, and gaming technology. The result being an experience that allows you, the user, to “fly” wherever your instincts may lead you. An adventure of sight and sound that not only transports you, but contextualizes places that exist in the real world.


Specterras leverages the magic and splendor of 3D technology to create immersive non-linear narrative experiences, that is, experiences in which the user has agency-much like flying from location to location with the grace and effortlessness of a bird. With every living 3D rendering, you’ll be able to explore some of the world’s most precious ecological and cultural destinations.

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