We offer VR applications for schools, institutions, and museums. Our collaborations have ranged from public school programs to National Park education programs.

We also provide the latest 360 3D video, modeling, and VR solutions for institutions and businesses. We take pride in offering education and training solutions that transport the viewer and thereby increase interest and memory retention.

We also seek collaborative opportunities with government bodies, non-profit institutions, and individuals looking to better the world through VR. ​

​ In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more critically important to find novel solutions for getting the user closer to reality. ​​ ​​

Please contact us for any inquiries or questions.

Visitor Centre Supervisor
Megan de Lima Garcia
New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service

"Thank you very much for sharing all of your creations for people to enjoy. It is such a pleasure listening to visitors 'Wow' or 'OMG, this is amazing' when experiencing the VR Claustral Canyon. Gee whiz, I feel lucky we are able to offer this amazing experience in our Visitor Centre."

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Adam Beresford, Professor of Ancient Philosophy at UMass Boston, Penguin Classics published author, and D.Phil., Oxford University

"This experience gives people a chance to go to Pompeii if they can’t actually go. That seems like a fantastic idea, especially for children or in any educational setting. This is VR transporting us to the wonders of our actual world, instead of being a means of switching off and escaping from it. And people who get a virtual taste of the city will also almost certainly want to see more. Many will be inspired to make the journey to the real thing.

It also far surpasses what almost any museum can offer. Consider that in the nineteenth century, British and German archaeologists stole and transported entire, massive stone monuments from Egypt, and Persia, and Greece, and brought them back to Europe for people to experience directly. Well, this achieves pretty much exactly the same effect, but on a larger scale, and without anyone having to loot Pompeii. Surely this is the future of archaeological exhibits everywhere."

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Fly With Us

Specterras leverages the magic and splendor of 3D technology to create immersive non-linear narrative experiences, that is, experiences in which the user has agency-much like flying from location to location with the grace and effortlessness of a bird.

With every living 3D rendering, you’ll be able to explore some of the world’s most precious ecological and cultural destinations.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

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Zion Narrows

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