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Pompeii VR

WebGL is a novel technology that allows you to explore a virtual reality (VR) environment from the comfort of your desktop web browser. This is part of the Pompeii Archeological Area that was imaged as part of PompeiiVR, which is available for download.

memory recall among uninitiated participants

A recent study, conducted by the University of Maryland
published in the journal Virtual Reality

Many of the participants said the immersive “presence” while using VR allowed them to focus better. This was reflected in the research results:

  • 40% of the participants scored at least 10% higher in recall ability using VR over the desktop display.
  • 8.8 percent improvement overall in recall accuracy using the VR headsets.

A 10% recall improvement may not sound like much, but in an academic context, it is monumental. A 10% recall deviation is the difference of an entire letter grade and in an increasingly competitive scholastic landscape, it is the difference between good and great.

For students that are experiential learners and those with attention deficit issues, these differences might well be even more profound than the average (8.8% recall improvement). It is also important to note that VR experiences block out distracting external stimuli, like smartphones and social media alerts.

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